Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're moving!

July would've been our 6th anniversary in this house. 6 freakin' years! Silas was 3 months old when we moved in. We had a nursery....and a guest room! We promised each other we'd "stick it out" for two years. We'd "make due" with another town house. We'd be super disciplined, and suffer. ;) If you had told me we'd be here nearly 6 whole years, I would've collapsed into a pile of tears. But then life struck. Job changes, car changes, church changes, adding a baby, and then another. New friendships made, old friendships lost. Meeting wonderful neighbors. Calling the cops on others. Fights. Ohhhhh, the fights. The tears. The birthdays. The surprises. The LOVE. Growing. Taking a few steps back. Feeling defeated. Finding success. It all happened here. Am I excited to move? You shouldn't have to ask. My husband heard his sobbing wife on the phone when I said "our offer was accepted....we got the house." I am elated. My kids will have a yard. My kids will have a FREAKIN' YARD!